A Heavenly Vision – englischsprachiges Weihnachtsgedicht

Englische Weihnacht_image44

A Heavenly Vision

A long time ago or on a day yet to come

A little baby is born of hope

To erase all suffering on earth and to heal our souls.

It is a wish as old as time.

A dream bursting with joy and laughter.

A promise warming the hearts of men,

While awaiting the day on which it will come to pass.

Some say, the Saviour came some thousand years ago.

Some say, they saw him yesterday.

Some just keep on waiting quietly.

And how we long for him, the leader,

To be our Saviour,

To form laws and to secure us,

To forgive our sins and to love us eternally!

So we turn to him from the depth of our souls,

As we heard it said,

That only God can forgive.

Worlds arise and then they fall.

In another Kingdom, so far away

An angle voice that fills the Heavens

Speaks of God within all.

You , who speak of God so fine,

His beauty, love and Goodness…

Do you believe in Him?

Then go on, be part of that Heavenly Realm,

Bring compassion and forgiveness to those around you,

Turn bad to good, act as His image

And bring pride to the home you once came from!”

Saviours there may be

-A stranger you never met before

Or someone we recognize within ourselves.

Yet it is the vision of Godhood that will lead us home.

Sarah Sofia Granborg


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