Reincarnation and bullying

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I saw a TV-program a couple of years ago which claimed that in 2016 bullying/mobbing was something that happened in one third of all German schools. Now we have the year 2018 and yesterday I saw another program about the same topic which gave you the impression that it was not only a problem in every school, but also in every class.
Most interesting was also the fact that many bullies were originally bullied kids themselves that seemed to have ended up using it as a way of dealing with their own problems.
However, bullying isn’t restricted to classrooms or even to work places. Bullying exists in all kinds of communities and can occur in all kinds of ways.
This is because in the physical universe it is always the stronger one or simply the stronger force that survives and thus ends up dominating the environment. We already know that from Darwin.  This is a pretty harsh reality which essentially means that everything that doesn’t manage to stand up against its environment will eventually be absorbed by it and will cease to exist.
This is easily observed within the animal kingdom. Not only do animals have their own hierarchy and pecking order, nobody even attempts to deny that it’s “eat or be eaten”!
An observation from the animal kingdom can, of course, not always be taken and applied to mankind.
Man and beast may however have more in common than one would expect.

The question is what defines us as homo sapiens. Is is just the body, or is there something more to the entire homo sapines sapiens. If it’s just a chemical trick that keeps the body alive, then what is it that sparks it off and keeps it alive? What is consciousness, and what makes us decide, be individuals and develop cultural activities?

How come, we are capable of feeling anything, and how can it be that we relate to emotions?
Perhaps we not only exist as a body, but also as some sort of life-energy that flows through our body.
Some people refer to it as “body and soul”, others talk about “body, mind and spirit”. People have many different ideas and concepts, depending on whether they are religious or not.
Still the question remains: what are all our ideas, dreams or even our personality? These are not of a physical nature. Where do they go when the body is no longer there? Does consciousness die a physical death?

This suggests that we, homo sapiens sapiens, may exist as both a physical body and as a non-physical entity which together form what we know as man.
And if man consists of these two parts that form a unit, who is to say that animals don’t?

What does all this have to do with bullying?
Well, as we know from Darwin, only the strongest survive. That’s what we can observe as evolution. If man was solely a machine or a piece of flesh he wouldn’t mind the harsh rules of the cruel physical universe. But since people have feelings there must be something that causes them to feel and to relate to those feelings, and naturally they do mind if anything bad happens to them.

Most babies start with very little memory. On the whole, people just have vague feelings that go in a certain direction. The baby learns by making mistakes and by its surroundings punishing it when it makes any mistakes – and I am not even talking about evil parents who have misunderstood how to raise a child and who therefore treat it in an abusive manner. I am merely talking about the natural limits of being in a physical universe – such as if you play with fire, you burn yourself, or if you jump in front of a car, you get run over.
Nobody can escape these rules and there will be no pardon if you mess up. This is how cruel the physical universe is and as a consequence, it bullies everyone into the same direction.

But there are also other realms, or perhaps we could even say other universes that are of an entirely different nature. As a matter of fact, anyone could just dream up his own universe and live in it as much as he wanted to. These realities could exist completely independent from each other, because they are not of the same nature and can therefore not be compared.

However, such a very different realm or universe would be a place full of compassion, empathy, love and understanding. Completely different rules would apply there compared with those in the physical universe. There could be ideals, virtues, moral excellence, trust, unlimited goodness and caring…

The point here being, the physical universe as we know it, is a very harsh and limited one. There is no pardoning, no love, no understanding and no reasoning. It’s just punishing and very final.
Everything we know, on the other hand, that feels good, makes us feel loved and at home, seems to be from an entirely different world, realm, universe or whatever else you might want to call it. And that is perhaps the biggest argument one can make for a non-physical part of us: There is a side to every man and to every woman that is not final, that has dreams and is capable of loving. It would make sense if this side was not something that belonged to the physical universe and was therefore not part of the flesh that we call our body.


In other words: Homo sapiens sapiens consists of both a physical body and a non-physical unit, which you might want to call a soul, a spiritual being or whatever else makes sense to you.

The interesting thing is when a body dies, it doesn’t stop existing once the heart stops beating or once the brain gets no more oxygen. The body isn’t one thing that lives or dies all together, it consists of many small units/micro organisms that all die at a different pace.

This suggests two things: How comfortable are we really determining death the way we currently do and secondly, what is it that decides if a body lives or dies?


Most of us would believe it to be outer circumstances that determine the end; after all very few people voluntarily want to die… But if we think about the different units within our body that have to work together in order for the body to function at all… perhaps it is more sensible to think of homo sapiens sapiens as the flesh + something that keeps its own dynamic up and running. And when this force has moved out of the body, there is nothing left to keep the body going.


Once again we’re back to square one: body + soul (or what ever else you might want to call it).

These things are from two very different universes; each of which has its own rules and above all are of a completely different nature.


A baby that grows up will get bullied – or in other words: will experience getting forced to stay within certain limits set by the physical universe. This will happen in kindergarten, in school, at work, among friends, colleagues or by customers. If not by other people, the limits will be set by the weather, by Mother Nature or even by machines. Mountains will restrict us, the water will divide us and a failed harvest will starve us to death. These are all forms of bullying within the physical universe that are very difficult to escape.

What has set man at the upper end of the food chain and has separated him form the beast for the most part, is his ability to make use of what he knows from a kinder place, a universe or realm of higher ground in which different virtues exist.


Some scientists say, man has merely learned to work together and has become organized. I would like to argue that this is not enough, if man really only consisted of the flesh. Such a vision and such understanding do not arise from nothing, even if for some magic reason the flesh had been able to conserve the energy to pull it off. It has to be something of an entirely different nature that would deliver both the basics and the means to make it happen.


As far as bullying is concerned, man is very much subject to all kinds of bullying as we determined before, and as a result some decide to play by the same rules, and they bully their own way forward. This is of course an option. But this results in what is pretty much an eye for an eye, and as we all know, this will leave everyone blind.

Others seem to eventually surrender. They accept the way things are, get apathetic, become depressed… until they in the end cease to exist.


And that is what is very dangerous about bullying: As evolution always dictates that the strongest wins, everything and everyone else will eventually cease to exist. We all know the saying “History is written by the winners”. And it’s true. If there are no losers left, or if they have been completely oppressed, who else is left to write the story? It is just a natural consequence. So if the good guys give up or give in, there will be no one left to tell the tale of what once was, and of the dreams, hopes and virtues there once were. Mankind will have lost hope all together; it will all just have been bullied away by those that were more forceful.


This is why bullying is such a serious subject. It’s not a minor misdemeanor, neither is it a private problem that some of us may have because they are a little too sensitive or too weak. It is a very basic mechanism of the physical universe that threatens everything civilized and good that man stands for, and has fought for.


So if it is not a sensible solution for you to either become a bully yourself, or to cease to exist, what other choice is there?

Well… this is why I have linked bullying  to reincarnation  and the definition of who and what we are.

The other realm we are part of, the one that is of such a different nature to the physical universe, is everything we dream of and is our spiritual home. It is the intellectual and the spiritual world we belong to, it is there we find all our inspiration: love, goodness, wisdom, virtues and understanding.


The one who understands, knows and is able to see the connection. He or she can put things together, can have patience and can endure things, because he or she knows there is an end to the less optimal and a greater outcome.

The solution to bullying is to

  • observe
  • analyze
  • to understand
  • to act reasonably with the greatest good in mind
  • and to spread only good oneself
  • while not supporting anything destructive.

In the end reason will win over barbaric methods of a limited universe – as long as one does not give up along the way, and one keeps ones own hands clean.


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