Enjoying France

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What speaks more to the heart than the beautiful landscape of the south of France, its food and the Mediterranean lifestyle?
Not much, if you’re asking this family of artists and writers!

Although Scandinavia-based, we have spent many a holiday in the south. And it’s always the same type of adventure: a down-to-earth-road trip, that makes us as free as a bird, stopping overnight wherever we like the area and the people.

Although other places are mentioned as well (such as Paris), this book mostly focuses on the Côte d’Azur, and all the nice places to see and the many delicious things to eat while on the way.

While our book “Provence – Enjoying the good life and the food! ” talks about The Country Cooking of Southern France and Port Grimaud, “Enjoying France” is a far more comprehensive book, and part of a trilogy which takes the reader from the most northern tip of the European mainland, all the way to the south of Sicily, (on the same latitude as Northern Africa).

The food presented in this unique travel-cookbook – via recipes and many pictures – is healthy local snacks which are easy and quick to prepare.

Many photographs and descriptions of the towns, harbors, markets and villages visited convey the feeling of being there in person.

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