Getting married in Denmark

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Getting married in Denmark is much easier than in most other (European) countries, since Denmark is much less bureaucratic.
It almost doesn’t matter which country you’re arriving from.

This book offers you tips and addresses that can assist you in arranging your dream-wedding in the old Scandinavian Kingdom.

The book focuses mainly on Danish and other old Scandinavian traditions which you can use to make a wedding anywhere more, romantic, more creative and less expensive.

The catering-ideas and recipes can also be used for parties.

What’s more, this book contains many, many links which convey the genuine feel of a typical Danish Wedding.
There are descriptions, pictures and videos of wedding couples, cakes and other good food, music, special accommodations and decorations to explore.

And yes, the author did not only get married in Denmark herself, she also assisted others in doing the same during the more than three decades that she has resided in the Danish Kingdom.

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