Thanksgiving in Vancouver

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A holiday that changes everything
On her 50th birthday everything changes. The kids are now grown and have moved out, her husband asked for a divorce and even her career and financial survival are endangered, due to the global financial crisis.

All she’s left with is doubt and regret. But then she finds a new friend who adds a new perspective to life.

But sadly life seems to hold more bad surprises in store and all too soon that friend is taken away from her again.

What is she left with now?

An unexpected vacation in Vancouver turns all that around. All of a sudden she is able to see things for what they really are and understand why life has changed the way it did, but most of all she can now see that her future is going to be bright and just how easily she can get what she really wants in life!

This feel-good novel has been compared to the Meg Ryan-Comedy “French Kiss” and with 40 recipes and more than 250 photographs of Vancouver and many a delicacy it is as the same time a travel guide and a cookbook, mainly featuring delicious cakes and other baked goodies.

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