The Feel Good Book

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Do you feel things aren’t quite as they should be?
Or perhaps you wish you had more time for yourself, more time to enjoy life and do what you want to do?

Do you feel that there are so many things in the world that would be nice to do, but for one reason or another you never get round to doing them?

Do you feel that you’re missing out, or that there is no-one to help you or spend time with?

Now there is no need to wait any longer for the right people, or for your lucky break to come along!
Feeling good and doing what you love to do are things that you can do here and now – without being fortunate and without having the right person on your side.

This book will give you a plenitude of different ideas and constructive suggestions that will help you to start off in the right way. You will become able to create the life you have always wanted to have, and most of all, enjoy life on a daily basis, doing what you love to do!
The exercises, ideas and suggestions in this book help us feel good every day of our lives, because happiness isn’t just for special occasions, or for those who get lucky.
Happiness and fulfillment don’t come about by magic. They are in fact “just” the natural result of simple things, that we ourselves can easily bring about, to make our daily lives more enjoyable.

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