Tile Floors - mosaic-style

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Did you know, that almost anyone can tile a simple mosaic floor? It is neither costly, nor very difficult to do, as we will show you in this book.

This is another DIY-adventure that our family tried out on our old farm and the result was rather stunning. We will show you in many pictures just how we did it and what the final result was.
It often took us only three days per room and was great fun to do, because not only is the result very rewarding, it was also wonderful to be able to be creative on a job which otherwise might just have been a sour duty.

We have added 3 more chapters to the third edition of this book. Examples of historic mosaics, floor patterns and mosaic pictures are new. We are also inviting you to see a kitchen decorated with pebble mosaic and walls that were made from large natural stones.

All in all this book offers great inspiration and know-how on how to give your own home an exclusive touch on a small budget.

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